3 Must See North Okanagan Waterfalls

Last updated September 6, 2019

Always go chasing waterfalls! That’s how the song goes, right? There’s something magical about waterfalls and we’re always looking for new ones to explore. British Columbia is full of amazing waterfalls and lots of them are still relatively unknown, especially the ones in the North Okanagan. So grab your best adventure buddy and head out for a day of exploring North Okanagan waterfalls!

We promise that you won’t regret it.

Kay Falls

Kay Falls is a stunning waterfall and is located between Sicamous and Revelstoke. It’s mere feet from the Trans-Canada Highway and you don’t want to miss it! Despite its close proximity to the busy highway, it’s surprising how often it gets passed by. It’s not uncommon to have the entire waterfall to yourself.

If you’re visiting during the spring runoff, expect to get soaked and have a hard time breathing from the strong mist. It’s my favourite North Okanagan waterfall!

Moses Falls

The stunning, tiered falls of Moses Falls are a hidden gem located just outside of Revelstoke. During spring run-off, the water runs magnificently down the rock face and during the summer, you can enjoy the quiet lull as you explore the rocks.

The short 400 m trail can be a little difficult to navigate, especially if it’s muddy, but it’s an overall easy hike in. The 14-meter falls can’t be seen from the road and, despite it’s extremely close proximity to both Revelstoke and the Trans-Canada Highway, Moses Falls remains an idyllic hideaway.

Sicamous Creek Falls

Sicamous Creek Falls is located on Highway 97A, just outside of Sicamous and across from Waterway Houseboats. The waterfall is part of the larger Sicamous Creek Trail, but the waterfall itself is only a 410m loop from the trailhead. The trail is well maintained and a set of wooden stairs will bring you right down to the bottom of the falls. You’ll get an up close and personal experience!

Sicamous Creek Falls is a wonderful little stop, especially in the spring during the run-off. Be very careful and watch your step, the trail can get pretty slippery from the spray.

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