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Sustainable Outdoor Gifts

These sustainable gifts will be used over and over until they're threadbare and full of memories.

Gift buying is one of those things that I somehow simultaneously love and hate. I love hunting down the perfect gift and gathering with family to watch everyone’s faces light up with excitement, but I can’t stand the blatant consumerism the season has seemingly turned into. I cringe when I think about the gifts that will be shoved to the corner after the holidays. But it really doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve created this collection of sustainable gifts in the hope that fewer are tossed aside and instead used over and over until they’re threadbare and full of memories.

This season and all gift-giving occasions going forward, I’ll only buy gifts that will place real value in my friends and family lives. Whether that’s through experiences, products that will further their hobbies, or something that will truly bring them joy, I’m consciously being very selective in my gift-giving.

PS: This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission (at no cost to you) if you click them; I only recommend products that I think will help you. Read my full disclosure statement here.

Sustainable gifts for outdoor lovers

NanoLoft Puffy Blanket

Whether they’re an avid backpacker or a casual camper, a blanket is always a welcome addition to an outdoor lover’s gear collection. Outdoor puffy blankets are a little different than your regular couch throw — it has to be hardy and warm. Rumpl’s new NanoLoft Puffy Blanket is perfect for cozying up by the fire or in the tent next to your favourite someone. The NanoLoft Puffy is filled with 100% post-consumer recycled clusters instead of down and is extremely warm, packable, and lightweight!

It’s a blanket that’ll be around for a long time and will quickly be full of memories. Your outdoor person will thank you every time they cuddle up for warmth under the stars.

Pela Phone Cases

Did you know that over 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold every year and most of them end up in landfills or the ocean? I’ll just say it — that’s disgusting.

Pela has been making a huge impact in the world of phone cases with their 100% compostable cases. These beautiful phone cases biodegrade in as quickly as three months when composted. How cool is that? And unless the person on your list has been living under a rock, they probably have a phone. Why not gift them a beautiful phone case or zero-waste screen protector that also supports their love of the environment?

Pela also gives back Save The Waves, Surfrider Foundation, and Oceana which are causes that help protect the world’s waters.

S’well Bottles

I’ve loved S’well for years! The reusable water bottles can easily transition from the office to the trails and because they’re insulated, drinks stay cold (or hot) for practically forever. I’ve beat mine up over the years and it still works great. S’well has what feels like a trillion designs available, from wood to sea turtles to the rainforest and everything in between. It’s such a great, unique gift that you can really personalize. In fact, these reusable water bottles have become a go-to gift for me and everyone always loves them!

Not only are S’well bottles reusable which in turn keeps disposable plastic bottles out of landfills and the ocean, they also support UNICEF by providing clean drinking water to those in need.

Cotopaxi Teca

Cotopaxi’s Teca collection’s tagline is “Do more. Waste less” and their colourful jackets certainly do just that. These jackets are an awesome sustainable gift because they’re made from leftover fabric. Plus, the retro-inspired jacket are unlike most other outdoor wear. Who says your gear has to blend in with the forest?

Plus, the Teca jackets are lightweight and can easily be packed into a backpack.

Cotopaxi Del Dia

Next up we have Cotopaxi’s Del Dia collection! These fun products are truly one-of-a-kind — you won’t meet any other person with the exact same product. Why? Well, the Del Dia collection is all about repurposing unused fabric (just like the Teca collection above), but it also gives employees full creative control over the final look.

The collection includes backpacks, satchels, duffels, fanny packs, and totes and the designs are the same as the regular products, just with fun designs.

Londre Bodywear

A bathing suit might seem like a weird gift because they’re so hard to shop for, but somehow Londre has sidestepped that awfulness. This kickass women-run business has created bathing suits that look awesome on everyone! Literally everyone. I actually don’t know how it’s possible. They have lots of different styles with new designs and colours coming out all the time.

A Londre suit is a great sustainable gift because they’re made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus, compression is built right in so it’s surprisingly thick and feels amazing. I’m a little obsessed.

Wolven Threads

Most of us outdoorsy people love new gear ⁠— and new clothing definitely falls under that category! Wolven Threads isn’t technical gear, but it’s perfect for casual hiking, camping, and all sorts of micro-adventures. They have a range of things, from swimwear to yoga to hiking for both women and men. Plus, it’s all super cute.

How are they sustainable you ask? Glad you asked. Their clothing is made from recycled plastic, they educate their community on plastic pollution, and they partner with ethical manufacturers. And they remove one pound of trash from the ocean with every piece of clothing! Win, win, win.

Fill it Forward

Everyone needs a reusable water bottle. That’s just a fact. If you’re looking to gift an awesome one, Fill it Forward does more than just create reusable bottles. Every time the bottle is refilled, Fill it Forward gives clean water to a person in need! Not only are you making a difference by gifting a reusable bottle, you’re making a difference in someone’s life by giving safe water.

And here comes one of my favourite parts! They also offer tags that you can connect to any reusable water bottle. I love this so so so much! I have them stuck to the bottle of my S’well bottles. The tags make great stocking stuffers that keep giving back.

BioLite CampStove 2

This great little stove is wood-burning which means there’s no need to carry around propane while camping. Your friend just needs to forage in the woods for a few seconds and they’ll be set!

It’s easy to cook, grill, and boil like normal, plus the stove generates 3W of power which is enough to charge USB devices (ahem, a phone).

I hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of sustainable gifts and are able to find some awesome gifts for those outdoorsy people in your life! If you’re interested in other brands that give back, I wrote an entire article about some of my favourite brands. Go check it out!

Happy gift giving.

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