Sicamous Lookout in the North Okanagan

Last updated October 13, 2019

No matter which Okanagan mountain you climb, the view will always be breathtaking. When you sit a top the wooden platform at Sicamous Lookout, you’ll soak in the beauty of the North Okanagan-Shuswap and marvel that such a place exists.

Mara and Shuswap Lakes sparkle to the southwest and will beckon you with their summer fun of wakeboarding, tubing, and houseboating. Sicamous nestles on their shores, surrounded by fields and gently sloping mountains. If you haven’t already, you’ll fall in love with the Okanagan.

Quick facts

~ 1 km (hiking) + 16 km (driving) // ~1 hr

What is Sicamous Lookout?

The Sicamous Lookout was originally built as a take-off platform for hang gliders and is still widely used today. Sicamous has long been a hot spot for hang gliding and even hosted two national Canadian competitions in the 70’s and early 80’s. The ramp has been rebuilt three time because of age and heavy vandalism. The current ramp was restored in 2011 by volunteers for the Sicamous Hang Gliding Reunion.

Exploring Sicamous Lookout isn’t so much a hike as an off-road experience that even cars can handle. It’s a great way to experience unparalleled views without much work. It’s not often you get to see these views without hiking for hours.


Sicamous Lookout is located on the mountain directly behind Sicamous on an active logging road. The lookout is roughly 11 kilometers from the Trans-Canada Highway and is a popular destination for locals.

The logging road is fairly well maintained and easy to navigate, although it does have a few potholes you’ll want to avoid. It’s very likely that you’ll meet logging trucks and if you do, you must give them right of way.

Within a few minutes of driving, you’ll gain hundreds of feet in elevation and get glimpses of the valley below through the trees. You’ll have cell service the entire way that makes finding the lookout quite easy.

Exploring the lookout

After 15 to 20 minutes and shortly after passing through a clear-cut section of forest, you’ll reach the lookout. The ramp is directly off the road but it’s hard to see and is easy to overlook. Keep your eyes peeled to your left (or have Google Maps open) and you might just spot Sicamous Lookout as you drive by.

The road around the ramp is quite narrow but a small pullout 500m further up the road is available for parking. The short walk to the ramp is nothing special, but you’ll be wowed as you descend to the ramp. The ramp is in good repair except for some graffiti and descends to reveal an absolutely stunning view of the North Okanagan.

Sicamous Lookout is a wonderful place for a quick afternoon adventure or to enjoy a picnic. You’ll definitely want to add this stop to your North Okanagan adventures!

Final notes

The view from the Sicamous Lookout of Sicamous and the surrounding lakes is absolutely gorgeous and well worth a detour off the Trans-Canada highway.

This is more of an off-roading experience than a hike, so make sure your vehicle is able to drive on gravel roads  The road is well maintained, but it is an active logging road; always give right-of-way to logging trucks and drive slowly.

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