How to Choose the Best Personalized Camping Doormat

Are you on the hunt for a personalized camping doormat to jazz up your RV, trailer, or tent camping experience? You’re in the right place!

Whether you’re searching for a fun camping gift or simply want to treat yourself, there’s nothing quite like a personalized camping welcome mat to be both practical and fun.

We’ll talk about everything personalized doormat-related – why you should get one, where to buy (plus recommendations for specific types of camping!), and how to make one if you’re more into DIY. Yup, it’s all here. 

Let’s dive right in!

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A doormat on a wooden floor with women's feet, a coffee mug, and a dog out of focus.

Why Do You Need a Doormat for Camping?

Let’s start with an obvious question – why the heck do you even need a doormat when you’re camping? Because let’s face it, a doormat probably isn’t at the top of your list for camping gear – but it’s more important than you may think. 

Camping is a dirty activity.

You’re outside all day, hiking, kayaking, biking, paddleboarding, canoeing, walking, or other outdoor activities – all of which aren’t exactly the cleanest. Even if you’re just chilling at your campsite, dirt, gravel, leaves, and other things have a funny way of attaching to your feet. 

When you’re camping, a doormat helps keep the majority of dirt outside, away from your indoor area. You’ll feel a whole lot cleaner – which is already an issue on the best of camp days – if you’re not sleeping in the dirt you accidentally dragged in. 

Why a Personalized Doormat?

My question to you is, why not? Many people love making their campsite as homey and comfortable as possible and a personalized doormat is a perfect way to do that! Pair that with a few outdoor string lights and comfy chairs and you’ve got a pretty sweet setup.

And it’s not restricted to RVs or trailers, either! Car campers and tenters can definitely benefit from a personalized doormat. Just because you have a smaller setup doesn’t always mean you have to make do with the bare essentials.

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Trailer setup with lots of things outside, including a small camping doormat.

Choosing a Quality Camping Doormat

When you’re searching online for personalized camping doormats, you’ll get about three million and two results. That’s a lot of doormats. 

It’s easy to look for the cheapest, cutest option and call it a day. But that miiiiiight not be the best choice. Why?

Just like with most things, you’ll likely run into problems with a cheap doormat. You’ll probably have issues with it staying in place, collecting debris, falling apart, or the personalization fading. All around, not a lot of fun.

Doormat Materials

When selecting a camping doormat, take a close look at the materials. Choose one that’s heavy-duty and made of quality materials – the scratchier and thicker, the better.

Coir Doormat

Coir, which is made from coconuts, is a great material for camping doormats – it’s environmentally friendly, doesn’t absorb water, and is naturally husky which easily collects dirt.

Coir can withstand exposure to things like sun and rain (although it will last longer if you keep it out of the elements), whereas materials such as jute don’t last well in the elements.

Coir doormats are also naturally heavy, making it much more likely they’ll stay in place (even without a backing).

Rope Doormat

Rope is another great doormat material because it’s thick, heavy, and can take a beating.

It’s harder to find personalized rope doormats than coir, but sometimes simply having a rope doormat is enough of personalization – it’s not every day you see one of these, after all!

Rubber or Vinyl Backing

Your camping doormat should have a slip-resistant rubber or vinyl backing to help keep it in place. Coir doormats almost always have a slip-resistant backing, whereas rope doormats are less likely.

Some doormats are made entirely of vinyl or rubber — these tend to be cheaper and don’t collect dirt nearly as well as coir or rope.


Finally, the paint used to personalize your doormat should be high quality, such as industrial-level paint with UV protection. There’s nothing worse than your personalization (which is what you’re paying for!) fading with only a few uses.

Senior lady opening awning on an RV.

How to Care for Your Camping Doormat

Besides buying a quality camping doormat in the first place, the next best way to ensure your mat performs its best for years to come is to properly care for it. Just like everything else in your camping setup, a little TLC goes a long way.

Obviously, it’s a camping doormat so you don’t have to be super particular about it, but it never hurts to take care of your gear where possible.

If you buy a coir doormat, when it first arrives it’ll likely have a few loose fibres poking out. Shake ‘em loose, then give your doormat a few brushes every once in a while. This helps loosen up the coir and makes your personalized design look fresh.

While camping, it’s easy to clean your doormat. Shake it away from your campsite to loosen the dirt and debris it’s picked up. If you have a portable camper-sized vacuum, use that to hoover up any leftover dirt.

It’s best to keep your doormat undercover (tarp or awning) to improve its longevity. Sun, rain, snow, and other elements can damage your mat over time and cause the personalization to fade.

White dog lays on a personalized camping doormat.

Buy a Personalized Camping Doormat

Now onto the fun part — choosing a personalized doormat for camping!

If you’d rather buy a personalized camping doormat than DIY it, there are plenty of great options for you! You’ll find the most selection on Etsy, but Canada Mats, I Love Mats, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pawfect House are also all great options. 

Other online retailers also offer personalized camping doormats, but they’re not made of the quality I recommend above. 

For example, Zazzle prints doormats but they’re entirely rubber. While this does make it easy to clean, it’ll look and feel a lot cheaper than one made of coir or rope – plus it won’t collect dirt as well. If that’s what you’d prefer, by all means go for it! I’m not here to stop you, but rather to help you make an informed choice.

Below, you’ll find some great customized doormat options for a variety of styles.

Named Doormats

Some of the most popular camping doormats are ones with family names! They’re cute and super personalized, making them an awesome addition to your camping setup.

There are many styles of personalized family name doormats, ranging from minimalistic to illustrative. You can choose a mat with your family’s last name, first names, sayings, or a combination.

If you buy a mat from Etsy, the sellers are often accommodating and can make even more personalized camping doormats if you ask them (nicely of course!).

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Funny Camping Doormats

Do you want to giggle every time you step into your trailer or tent? Well, a camping doormat personalized to your humour style might be just what you need!

From cute and innocent, to sarcastic and dry with the odd crude thrown-in, there’s a personalized camping mat for everyone’s type of humour!

A funny camping welcome mat is a great way to give your visitors a quick intro before they even set eyes on you.

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Happy Camper Doormats

Are you simply happy to be camping and want everyone to know so they bring the same energy? Get yourself a happy camper doormat!

There’s nothing better than bringing some good vibes to your campsite and a happy camper doormat is a surefire way to remind everyone to not take life too seriously while camping.

There are a ton of different styles of happy camper doormats. You can find the perfect personalized doormat to meet your camping styles, whether that’s tenting, RVing, or car camping.

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Portrait Doormats

Do you want your camping doormat to literally match your family (including pets)? You can get a personalized portrait doormat that has your picture on it! It can’t get more personal than that!

Not all of these camping doormats are made of the materials I recommended above (aka, they’re not coir or rope), but they’re just so cute I had to include them.

There are a ton of customizations for the “Husband and Wife Camping Partners for Life” mats, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to include options for same-sex couples.

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Other Fun Camping Doormats

If you don’t necessarily want your name or something silly on your camping doormat, but still want a camping-related doormat, there are plenty of options for you!

These doormats are a great way to share your love of camping or other outdoor activity with your campsite guests. Plus, they do a great job of gently reminding you to embrace your time camping.

You can also use these outdoorsy doormats at home or at a vacation cabin! Multi-use!

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RV + Trailer Doormats

What’s the difference between RV and trailer doormats and tenters or car campers? Well, RV and trailer camping doormats can be larger and more rigid! It’s not a huge difference but is something to take into account when you’re picking a mat.

Besides the nitty-gritty details of how heavy-duty your RV doormat is, maybe you simply want a personalized mat that looks similar to your RV or trailer! That’s such a fun way to create a homey and personalized feeling as you’re travelling around.

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Car Camping + Tent Camping Doormats

When you’re car camping or tenting, your camping doormat likely needs to be fairly small and easy to store. After all, you don’t have all the room in the world! 

When you’re tenting, a doormat is especially helpful to keep the dirt outside – even more so when it’s raining so the mud and water stay out of your tent!

Besides the practicalities of having a doormat while camping, maybe you want to pick one with a tent design so that it’s super personalized to your camping style. These are a little harder to find than RV mats, but it’s not impossible.

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DIY a Personalized Camping Doormat

Don’t see a camp mat you want to buy? Or maybe you’d rather make your own than buy it ⁠— after all, what’s more personalized than putting your own hard work into your camping doormat?

Luckily, making your own doormat isn’t very difficult! In fact, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Tools You’ll Need to DIY A Doormat:

Step 1: Select Your Stencil

If you decide to create your own stencil using a Cricut, create and set up your design using the free Cricut Design Space app. Keep in mind that a standard coir doormat is usually larger than the largest cutting mat on the Cricut (always double-check sizes).

If there are multiple elements to your design, create them as separate files so that it’s easier to place them later on.

If you don’t have a Cricut or would rather use a pre-cut stencil, you’re already ahead of the game! You’re done this step.

Step 2: Clean Your Doormat

Before applying your stencil and paint, give your doormat a good clean. Vacuum it to remove excess fibers; you could even grab a lint roller or tape and roll it a few times.

Don’t get too caught up on this, though, because you could spend all day trying to remove all the fibers off of a coir mat.

Step 3: Apply the Stencil to Your Doormat

When using a Cricut, cut out your personalized doormat design but don’t weed it (aka, don’t remove the excess vinyl) yet because you need it.

The following steps apply to you whether you used a Cricut or pre-cut stencil.

When you’re ready to apply the stencil on the mat, remove the negative space (the part you want to colour) and carefully place it where you want on the doormat. You may need to adjust the stencil, especially if it’s letters, to ensure it looks correct.

Once the main stencil is in place, add in the extra pieces (such as the center of letters or windows) that you don’t want to be painted.

To keep the stencil in place, use painter’s tape to secure it.

Step 4: Paint the Doormat

With your stencil securely placed, it’s time to paint your custom doormat!

Using a stiff paintbrush, dab the paint onto the mat (being careful to only paint the area you want to be coloured!). Continue dabbing so that the paint is pushed into the mat. If you want a gradient, apply multiple colours in a section while the paint is still wet. Otherwise, let it dry.

Don’t use regular brush strokes because the paint will likely end up under the stencil and create a mess.

If using a rubber spray instead of paint, ensure all parts that you don’t want coloured are covered with tape and always spray directly downwards to reduce the bleed under the stencil. And lastly, only apply one coat (the stencil will likely curl upwards with more than one coat).

Step 5: Let Dry + Repeat

For best results, let each section fully dry before moving the stencil. This will keep lines clean and colours from bleeding into one another.

Once your custom, personalized doormat has had plenty of time to dry, you can bring it camping and show it off to everyone!

Step 6: Seal the Doormat

After putting so much (hard) work into your personalized camping doormat, the last thing you want is for the design to fade! In comes a clear sealant to the rescue!

The sealant will help protect against rain, UV from the sun, and other elements that your mat is bound to be exposed to while camping.

Simply give your design a few coats of the sealant, let dry, and enjoy!

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