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Last updated February 1, 2020

I’ve long had a love affair with analog timepieces. Clocks or watches, I can’t resist them. A few years ago I was fresh out of college and like all good graduates, I was toting along a tens-of-thousand dollar student loan. I promised myself that when I paid it off, I’d buy myself a watch. I had it picked out and everything. But my loan dwindled and I never did buy myself that watch. Other priorities took over and before I knew it, it was five years later and I was still eyeing watches any chance I got.

I think part of the reason I love analog so much is for the simple fact that it’s not digital. It’s also why I love the outdoors. We all spend so much time in front of screens these days that I truly believe it’s important to take breaks whenever you can. If it’s as simple as not looking at your phone for the time (and getting suckered in with all the notifications), I believe there’s more value in that than we realize.

Fast forward to today and I’ve discovered Jord wooden watches, which I love even more than the one I had picked out all those years ago. Not only are their watches absolutely beautiful, but they’re also made of sustainable reclaimed wood and remind me of the outdoors every time I put it on. In fact, I’m so impressed with Jord’s watches and their commitment to sustainability that I’m excited to announce our very first giveaway is in partnership with them — we’re giving away $100 off any of their watches! If that’s not cool enough, they also offer engravings on all their products so you can create a one-of-a-kind watch. And just in time for Christmas!

The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Close up of the Frankie II Dark Sandalwood and Smoke by Jord wooden watches

Why Jord?

Running a blog is a strange world. Every once in a while, companies contact me wanting to collaborate. But more often than not, it makes no sense — does this look like a finance website? I can’t help but shake my head when that happens. But when Jord approached me, I knew it was different. This was a brand I was actually interested in and wanted to work with. Why? Glad you asked.

Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about sustainability. Although I’m nowhere near perfect, I put a lot more stock into brands that value it as well now. Jord has a strong focus on sustainability and quality in both their products and manufacturing process. Their watches are all made from beautiful reclaimed wood and are reinforced with steel, which makes them a long-lasting accessory that can transition easily from the office to the trails. No fast fashion here.

In addition to being a sustainable brand, I love that the watches are made of wood and remind me so strongly of nature. My day job is graphic and front-end web design, so when I get tired of sitting in an office for hours on end, all I have to do is look at my wrist to be reminded of one of the things I love most in the world — the outdoors. I smile every time I can bring a little piece of nature into the sleek walls of the office.

Jord wooden watch hanging in a tree
Close up of the Frankie II Jord wooden watch

Who is Jord?

In my quest for sustainability, I try to learn as much as I can about the brands I’m supporting so that we can all become more aware consumers. So, who is this watch company?

Jord (pronounced Yode) is a family run business that’s based out of St Louis, Missouri. They create beautiful, durable wooden watches. Jord — which is Swedish for “from earth, land, or soil” — was founded in 2013 by three brothers. Its first employees were various family members and since then it’s grown into a 40-ish person company that creates world-class wooden watches that are available worldwide. The brothers are still heavily involved in the everyday operations of the brand and actually work in the same space as their employees.

They also give back all the time by donating products and percentages of sales to different charities and organizations. They’re currently working to establish a few to work with regularly.

Close up of a Jord wooden watch

Wooden watches built on quality + sustainability 

Jord’s watches are made from various kinds of wood, including acacia, bamboo, ebony, maple, olive, sandalwood, and more. The wood is sourced from suppliers across five continents and fourteen countries. They’re committed to not contributing to deforestation, so the wood is harvested from trees that have naturally fallen or pre-loved furniture. I love it!

Once they’ve harvested the wood for their watches, the wood is naturally dried. I didn’t know this, but most wood processors use a kiln to dry the wood quickly. Sounds good, right? But apparently removing moisture so quickly leads to warping and micro-fractures in the wood, which isn’t so good. Because of this, they use only naturally dried wood which makes their watches extremely durable. 

Jord’s watches are all handmade in St Louis by their in-house team. Each watch spends hours being worked on, from rough cut machining to a series of ultra-fine sandpapers and buffing, before being set into a finished timepiece. Each watch is sealed with tung oil, which hardens and seals the wooden pores without using harmful chemicals. The final product is a watch that’ll stand the test of time, even in the rugged outdoors! You won’t be running out to buy a replacement anytime soon.

The love and dedication they put into their watches are obvious. I’m a clock nerd, so it’s probably no surprise that I immediately fell in love and haven’t wanted to take my watch off since (my FitBit has been relegated to only tracking my nightly sleep patterns).

Sam from Explore the Map at Bertram Park near Kelowna
Sam from Explore the Map at Bertram Park in the Okanagan

Durability + the outdoors

If you’re thinking “Okay, well that’s cool Sam, but can I really wear this watch in the outdoors?” you’ll be happy to hear that you sure as hell can! Jord watches can withstand some water, won’t scratch, and are extremely strong. And if that’s not enough, they have a one-year warranty in case something does go wrong. They won’t leave you high and dry after that year either, there will just be a small repair fee.

Splash proof

Their watches are all splash-proof. As long as you’re not outright swimming or jumping under a waterfall with it on, your watch will be fine. Wood does absorb water, but thanks to the tung oil finish it’s more resistant to water than wood with other oil finishes.

Sapphire glass

Many of their watches use sapphire glass on the watch face. The glass is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant material on earth. You can feel safe knowing you aren’t going to scratch your watch face to death when you’re trekking out in the forest!

Fun fact: when we were photographing my watch, I slipped and almost fell right into the lake. My watch was fine, my forearm not so much.


All of Jord’s watches are reinforced with their trademarked steelcore™, which seamlessly fits a natural wooden exterior over an ultra-thin, ultra-durable steel core. This mean their watches are stronger and more water resistant than other wooden watches on the market.

Long story short, your watch is a lot stronger than it looks! It’s not going to break the second it sees the sun.

Wooden watch in hand
Jord wooden watch on a rocky background
Sam hangs out the car door

Jord watch giveaway

I’m so excited to be partnering with Jord to give you the chance to win $100 off any of their watches! Their watches range from about $250 to $900, so no matter your budget you can find a kickass watch.

They also offer engraving on all of their watches, which makes for a very unique and personalized gift. Tell me, when’s the last time you got a personalized watch? I’ve certainly never had one. It reminds me of the good ol’ days when dad’s would give their kids a pocket watch with a heartfelt message — or is that just in the movies? Good news, you can make it a thing!

The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Disclaimer: I received the Frankie II Dark Sandalwood & Smoke at no cost, but I’ve only partnered with Jord because I love their brand and products.

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