What I Gifted My Family for Christmas in 2019

Last updated December 27, 2019

This year, I made it my goal to only buy gifts that truly enrich the lives of their recipients. I put great thought into everything I purchased and was very happy with the outcome. Everyone loved their gifts! To help hold myself accountable and to also give you some gift inspiration, I’ve listed everything we gifted my family this Christmas.

Next year, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re forgoing the gifts for everyone and instead only doing Secret Santa and Dirty Santa (but with practical gifts). We did something similar last year in Europe and it was wonderful to enjoy everyone’s company without the stress leading up to Christmas.

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My Parents

My parents love the outdoors, natural remedies (within reason), and their motorbikes. Their gifts were centered around these loves, with a few extra sustainable stocking stuffers thrown in for good measure.

My Sister + Her Boyfriend

My sister and her boyfriend also love the outdoors, but a little differently than Jacob and me. They love 4x4ing, shooting, and spending their nights with friends around a fire in the bush. Their gifts were given with the outdoors in mind. They also received some second-hand books for their son.

*PS: I’m slowly trying to convert everyone to bar soaps. I’ve been using them exclusively for over a year and can’t get enough of them.

A mug: one of the items I gifted my family this year.

My Grandparents

I swear that my grandparents are always drinking tea and their gifts were centered around that this year. No sooner had they opened their mugs, than they were already brewing a pot of tea!

Brown paper gift on a bed of pine sprigs.


I may have gone a little overboard with Jacob’s gifts this year. He loves reading, logical puzzles, and the outdoors. I usually buy him some kind of outdoor clothing because, surprisingly, he actually doesn’t have too much.

I’m not usually one to share what I gifted my family for Christmas, but I also don’t usually get super personal on the blog and I’ve already done that with my recap of 2019 yesterday, so I guess times are a-changing. But in all seriousness, I thought it was important to share my gifts this year to ensure I kept my promise of only gifting meaningful items. I quite enjoyed the hunt this year and it made the season of buying seem like more than meaningless consumerism — because it was!

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