Canada is a large, beautiful country with tons of untouched, wild landscapes that's perfect for outdoor lovers everywhere! From the picturesque craggy mountains in the west, to the great prairies in the middle, and the coastal crags of the east, Canada is wonderful all year long.

  • Okanagan

    Myra Canyon Trestles Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing is one of my favourite winter activities. I don’t typically like the cold, but I’ll brave it to go snowshoeing through quiet, untouched landscapes like Myra Canyon. Plus, the…

  • Okanagan

    Mt Baldy in Kelowna

    Are you looking for an easy hike that offers amazing views? Or the perfect after work hike? Look no further than Mt Baldy in Kelowna! Mt Baldy is located between…

  • Okanagan

    Boucherie Rush Trail on Mt Boucherie

    There’s no shortage of panoramic views in the Okanagan and the views from the Boucherie Rush Trail in West Kelowna are certainly no different. Almost from the beginning, you’re presented…

  • Okanagan

    3 Must See North Okanagan Waterfalls

    Always go chasing waterfalls! That’s how the song goes, right? There’s something magical about waterfalls and we’re always looking for new ones to explore. British Columbia is full of amazing…

  • Okanagan

    Lochview Trail in Kelowna

    Lochview Trail in Kelowna, BC offers breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake. There’s crisp, fresh air and your heart will race — what more could you ask for of an afternoon…

  • Okanagan

    Bear Creek Waterfall in Kelowna

    Bear Creek Provincial Park is a popular camping destination on the shores of Okanagan Lake near Kelowna, BC. Across the road lie kilometers of trails that loop around the Bear…