Canada is a large, beautiful country with tons of untouched, wild landscapes that's perfect for outdoor lovers everywhere! From the picturesque craggy mountains in the west, to the great prairies in the middle, and the coastal crags of the east, Canada is wonderful all year long.

  • Peak Trail Big White Ski Resort

    Peak Trail at Big White Ski Resort

    I love mountains and absolutely adore the views from their summits. It’s incredibly empowering to summit a mountain and know your own two feet brought you there. You know that swell of complete happiness that starts in your chest and…

  • Okanagan

    Wood Lake Loop in Lake Country

    The Okanagan is famous for beautiful, sunny days and scenic, deep blue lakes. There’s nothing quite like spending your day next to the water, surrounded by gorgeous mountains. If you’re looking for a scenic walk or bike ride that checks…

  • Okanagan

    Christie Falls in Kelowna

    Christie Falls is a stunning, free falling waterfall located near Kelowna, BC and has been on our hiking list for quite some time. The waterfall is an Okanagan gem and is well worth the hour-long drive on a bumpy service…

  • Okanagan

    Okanagan Bucket List

    How often do you visit a beautiful place and only find out later that you missed so much? Sure, you checked out the major attractions, but did you really get to know the place? It’s happened to us and I…

  • Okanagan

    Kathleen Lake on Knox Mountain

    Kathleen Lake on Knox Mountain is a small, marshy water basin that’s more pond than lake-like. However, just because it doesn’t have the same beauty as Okanagan Lake doesn’t mean it should be overlooked! It’s usually very quiet and if…

  • Okanagan

    Paul’s Tomb on Knox Mountain

    If there’s a more well-known hike that’s loved by locals than Paul’s Tomb, I don’t know what it is. You’ll always find at least one hiker or runner on the trail, no matter the time of the year. And if…

  • Okanagan

    Myra Canyon Trestles Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing is one of my favourite winter activities. I don’t typically like the cold, but I’ll brave it to go snowshoeing through quiet, untouched landscapes like Myra Canyon. Plus, the trails are way quieter in the winter and that’s something…