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15 Hilarious Adult Road Trip Games

Road trips are an amazing way to create fantastic new memories with your families and friends. You’re exploring awesome new places, what’s not to love? But when you’re not exploring, those hours in the car can get looong. Instead of staying glued to your phone, have some fun with each other! That’s why you’re on your road trip, isn’t it? To help get the laughter started, here are some of our favourite adult road trip games.

I know, aren’t road trip games a little… childish? Not the way we play them! These aren’t the games you played as a kid, they’ve been revamped to bring some more fun into your car full of adults (or teens, who are basically adults when it comes to games).

Adult road trip games you’ll love

1. Sorry I’m Late

This is a newer version of the good ol’ Guess the Movie game. Movie buffs will do really well at this adult road trip game. Non movie buffs, like myself, tend to have a harder time. Either way, it’s a great way for a laugh!

One person says “Sorry I’m late” and their excuse is the description of a movie. Everyone else in the car has to guess the movie.

For example: “Sorry I’m late, I had to convince my mom to not take me for a lover.” The movie? Back to the Future.

Hilarious Adult Road Trip Games to Keep the Boredom Away
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2. Explain a Movie Plot Really Badly

Here’s another great road trip game for you movie lovers! All you have to do is explain a movie plot really badly and have everyone guess what movie it is. The worse the description, the funnier!

For example: “Boy is friend-zoned hard, but finally gets the girl after stealing a tooth.” The movie? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

3. Movie/TV Connections

This road trip game will test your movie knowledge. The more obscure movies you know, the better you’ll do! Not gonna lie, I’m terrible at this game.

You start by saying a movie and the next person has to name another movie that’s somehow connected to it. Actors, directors, producers, soundtracks, etc all count as a connection. The only catch is that you can’t name the same movie twice and you have to know the connection. No wild guessing! You are allowed to use the same connection multiple times. The games goes on until someone can’t make or screws up a connection.

If you want to make the game harder, the connections can only be with people who have gotten together (either in the movie or real life).

For example: Wild > This Means War (Reese Witherspoon) > Gone Girl (Reese Witherspoon) > How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris)

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Fun adult road trip games
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4. Six Degrees of Separation (aka the Bacon Game)

Six degrees of separation is a theory that everyone in the world is connected through six or fewer relationships. This game is also called the Bacon Game because of the theory that every actor or actress can be connected with Kevin Bacon. This game is actually quite similar to Movie/TV Connections.

In this adult road trip game, one person names two people from movies or TV and everyone else has to find a connection between the two in six or fewer steps.

For example: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Deschanel.

They’re linked by:

If you need some help confirming those connections (like I do!), The Oracle of Bacon is a great resource. Despite the name, you don’t only have to compare people with Kevin Bacon.

5. Three Words

For those of you that don’t like guessing things or aren’t so great with movies, this is a better but still equally hilarious game. It’s simple, but can easily keep you entertained for hours.

The rules are simple: Everyone in the car takes turns saying three words to create a story, going in order until you have a great story!

If that’s too easy, you can spice up the game by making specific words off limits. What happens if someone says the off-limit word is up to you…

6. Text a Stranger

This adult road trip game is very similar to Three Words but adds an extra element of surprise. And it can get hilarious.

Instead of telling a story out loud, have each person add three words to a text message. Once the text is done, either choose a random person from your phone (preferably someone who doesn’t have your number) or choose a completely random number! As you can imagine, this can get pretty funny! Just don’t be a dick.

If you’re traveling somewhere that charges you to send a text, this is probably a game you’ll want to avoid.

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Capitol Reef

7. Fake Facts

This game is just 100% crazy. All you do is make up the craziest, most outlandish facts you can and try to convince people it’s real. To make it even better, try it when you’re not in the car. Your friends and family will be off guard and more likely to believe you.

We once convinced my grandma that the holes in the rocks at Capitol Reef were from deer hitting the rock with their antlers!

8. While You Were Asleep

We all have that one friend who falls asleep on the road (that’s me). All you need to do is wait for that person to fall asleep and come up with a funny (but still believable) story with everyone that’s still awake.

Once Mr Sleepyhead wakes up, tell your story! Everyone should take turns adding details, without going too over the top. If your sleeper doesn’t catch on, don’t tell them what’s happening until you’ve reached your destination! Or never tell them…

While You Were Asleep adult road trip game
I can sleep through anything — and apparently have a bit of a resting bitch face while doing it. If you have someone like me traveling with you, they’ll never realize you’re scheming against them.

9. The Letter Game

It’s like eye-spy, but better. Way better.

In this adult road trip game, one person puts every letter of the alphabet into a hat and picks one. The whole car then looks for words outside of the car that that start with the letter. Road signs, businesses, and licence plates are great places to start.

To get a point, you need to find a unique word (no repeats!) and someone else needs to have also seen it.

You can even make certain types of words worth extra points. For example, words that include swear or sex words can be worth two or even three points!

10. The Humming Game

This adult road trip game will test your song knowledge (and some of your musical skills… or lack thereof!).

Each person takes a turn humming a song (of their choice) and everyone else has to guess it. Your group can decide if you have to know both the song and the artist or just the song.

The first to five (or however many you want) wins!

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Hilarious adult road trip games you'll actually play

11. The Name Game

The brains on your road trip will love this game! It can actually get pretty hard.

Start by deciding on a category such as animals, vegetables, fictional characters, city, etc. The first person says something in that category. For example, Vancouver. The next person has to name another city whose name same starts with the last letter of the city just listed. For example, the next person could say Revelstoke. And the next could say Edmonton.

If someone gives a name that begins and ends with the same letter, like Nelson, the rotation reverses.

The round ends when someone can’t name another name. The point goes to the last person to successfully give a name.

12. Never Have I Ever…

This games never gets old and actually works really well for road trips.

Someone in the car starts by saying “Never have I ever…” followed by a simple statement. Anyone that’s done that action has to take a bite of donut or other food.

For a dirtier, adult version, you can remove clothing. Just no drinking or getting totally naked — you’re in public, people!

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Adult road trip games

13. Fictional Families

Let your imagination run wild with this fun adult road trip game! All you have to do is take a good look at the people inside a car beside you. Then create a backstory about the people you just checked out. Who’re they seeing? What’s their deepest, darkest secret? Why are they traveling?

Some really funny stories get invented!

14. Fortunately/Unfortunately

This is the ultimate battle between optimists and pessimists — at least as far as road trip games are concerned.

The rules are easy enough: the first person starts the story by saying “fortunately” and stating something fortunate that’s happened. The next person keeps the story going, but says “unfortunately” instead. And back and forth it goes until the story is so ridiculous everyone’s killing themselves laughing!

For example:

  • “Fortunately, this was my first time seeing the ocean!”
  • “Unfortunately, it was being attacked by a giant alien.”
  • “Fortunately, I brushed up on my alien-invading movies last week.”
  • “Unfortunately, you don’t remember how to win.”
Adult road trip games

15. Licence Plate Game with a Twist

This is a great adult road trip game because it takes what’s usually considered a kid’s game (the classic licence plate game) and gives it a good ol’ twist.

Instead of simply counting the license plates you find, you have to make a word using the licence plate’s sequential letters. The person with the longest (or dirtiest) word wins.

For example: K4N 9G7 = Kissing

You get the idea! Talking and laughing are the best ways to pass the time… and to learn a bit about your car mates. Do you have a favorite adult road trip game? Please share in the comments!

These aren\'t your standard kid-friendly road trip games. These hilarious adult road trip games will keep everyone laughing throughout your whole trip! Perfect for long or short road trips. | Road trip tips | Road trip games | Adult games #roadtrip #roadtripgames

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There is a similar game to the humming one. Works best with a phone or iPod connected to the car speakers. You play 5 seconds of a song in a playlist (we did a 90s playlist so it’s not recent music). And someone has to guess what song it is!
Thanks for sharing your list :) I’m gonna play some of these