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Okanagan, PNW + beyond

Adventure looks different for all of us. There’s no “right way” to explore. Find what you love and embrace the hell out of it. When you do that, adventure is everywhere.


Find an adventure

  • Okanagan based
  • All experiences welcome
  • Road trips, camping + hiking

hey there

I’m Sam

I’m Okanagan born and raised and have been hiking, camping, and road-tripping my entire life. It’s always been pretty low-key adventure and that’s what I love most.

Roadside stops, day hikes, car camping, and micro-adventures are just some of the fun you’ll find here.


Love your adventures

I want to empower you to get out there and explore, to love your adventures even if they’re messy or “not cool enough for Instagram”. Because screw that, it’s stupid.

Adventure is adventure and I’m tired of the social BS around it. Figure out what adventure means to you and go for it!