Chasing waterfalls: Kay Falls

The wind whips around us, ripping our hair in every direction and spraying us with freezing water, soaking us. We kill ourselves with laughter, stuck between loving the rushing waterfall and wanting to run from the cold. Having driven this section of the Trans-Canada Highway countless times, we can’t believe that this is the first time we’ve visited Kay Falls, located only minutes from the Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge in BC.

A hidden gem on the Trans-Canada Highway

The Canadian wilderness is full of spectacular scenery that I’m constantly in awe of. Jacob and I often take to the mountains in search of adventure, but sometimes it’s fun to look closer and find the easy — yet amazing — natural wonders that we often pass by. I grew up in BC with family in Alberta, so I’ve driven the Trans-Canada Highway through the Rocky Mountains countless times, yet never stopped to explore the breathtaking mountains and the secrets they hold.

My friend Reanne and I decided to fix that and headed out in search of some such secrets. We packed our car and with a list of waterfalls and even a Pipe Mountain Coaster to check out, we headed out.

The strong spring runoff at Kay Falls creates a beautiful, powerful waterfall.
The strong spring runoff at Kay Falls creates a beautiful, powerful waterfall.

Finding Kay Falls

Kay Falls is located a mere 3.5km from Crazy Creek Resort and 3km from the Enchanted Forest, making it a great, free alternative to those roadside attractions. The trailhead is unmarked and can be difficult to find, but I’ve marked the exact location on the map below so you can find it!

We passed through Sicamous, heading towards Revelstoke and I carefully watched the roadside. After passing Crazy Creek we crossed a small bridge and careened over a second bridge, the Eagle R. at Kay Falls Bridge, shortly after. Immediately to the right of this bridge was a small pullout and the trailhead for Kay Falls. The trailhead is barely off the busy Trans-Canada Highway, yet there was a surprising amount of room for vehicles. Despite the abundance of parking, there was only one other vehicle. The roar of the waterfall, usually drowned out by the rumble of tires, greeted us as we stepped out of the car.

Kay Falls sprays us with water, soaking us.
Kay Falls sprays us with water, soaking us.

A short hike to the stunning Kay Falls

We spotted the trailhead heading into the forest and excitedly began our adventure. To our amazement, without even leaving the pullout, we spotted Kay Falls through the trees! It pounded down the mountain, shrouded in a white mist and framed by trees. The trail was well-worn and, after easily scrambling over rocks, we quickly arrived at Kay Falls. The mist sprayed aggressively and were quickly covered in freezing water. It was a hot spring day, but we were soon shivering as if it were the middle of winter. The wind grabbed our hair, pulling it in every direction and our clothes whipped against our bodies; the sheer force of the wind was exhilarating and totally unexpected.


I made my way towards the base of the waterfall, but the strong spring runoff stopped me in my tracks. The rocks were slick with water and the creek rushed beside me; I couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to be swept away. Standing as close to the base of Kay Falls as I dared, I took in the impressive waterfall as the water zigzagged 187 feet down the bedrock before fanning into a veil as it hit the rocky floor.

Shivering uncontrollably, I walked back to Reanne and we made our way back to the car. As we followed the trail, we stopped a few times to look back at the gorgeous hidden gem that is Kay Falls. As we came closer to the Highway, the air quickly warmed as we left the mist behind. The falls were utterly beautiful from the strong spring runoff and I couldn’t wait to visit again.

Kay Falls, strong from the spring runoff, roars down the bedrock.
Kay Falls, strong from the spring runoff, roars down the bedrock.

Trailhead Location & Information

Kay Falls is an easily accessible, stunning waterfall located on the Trans-Canada Highway between Sicamous and Revelstoke in BC. From the highway, there’s only a small 45-foot wide window where the falls are partially visible. The trailhead is unmarked.

Visit our SmugMug gallery for more photos of the stunning Kay Falls.

Distance: ~ 200m (0.1 mile)
Duration: ~ 15mins
Difficulty: Easy

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